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Updated: Aug 23, 2022

Marmaroph is the name we chose for our brand. The name is inspired by the words Marmaro and Morph. The first one Means Marble in greek, means shinning stone, and is a material that has been used in architecture and sculpture thought out the history of humankind. This material represents us as a company and brand, for us it means quality, luxurious lifestyle, durability, clean and brightness. The second one "Morph" means changing from one shape to another and for us something that is capable to change through time and leads the change.

Our Beliefs and Purpose

Many reasons motivate us to start this company. The first one, we aim to improve the quality of life of everyone, through our designs, from the elder to the younglings and babies, the handicapped, basically everyone. The second one, create healthy unforgettable experiences in the sustainable spaces we design, so people never want to leave them.

We strongly believe that good design can make us achieve our goals. Good design is not just how beautiful an interior space or building looks like, is more about how it makes people feel: if it is comfortable, if it makes people feel secure, if it has the right lighting, If it is flexible so that can adapt to people’s lifestyle if the spaces understand the way people live and needs, whether if they are at the office, at home, in a hotel or a restaurant or wherever you want to be!

We understand comfortable as spaces people never want to leave. We can achieve this because we are always thinking about things that make people feel comfortable. For you what makes you feel comfortable? For us involves many things. The first one, the design of spaces that make you feel comfortable even if they are small or big. The second one, the interior temperature of space never too hot, never too cold, so that our users can always feel good. The third one, the lighting, whether if it's natural or artificial light, it has adapted to your needs and mood, to make you feel calm, relaxed or energetic, productive, or fun. In the fourth one, we understand security as buildings that respond to the city and guarantee activities within it and also buildings that are not going to collapse in an earthquake or hurricane. We keep understanding the needs of our customers and users, we are analyzing and investigating ways in which people live, so that gives us insights into our designs. (Learn more in our other articles)

Marmaroph aims to be part of a circular economy, so sustainability is at the core of everything we do. We want to minimize the negative environmental impact the construction has done on our planet by improving energy efficiency, the use of renewable or recycled materials, and the operation overall. (Learn more about sustainability and circular economy here) We are living in a world that has started to fight climate change. We are well aware of the issues the construction sector has done to the environment. The most used materials in construction are highly contaminant in the manufacturing process, they emit greenhouse gases to the atmosphere, CFCs that damage our ozone layer, and also particles that enter the workers' respiratory system, affecting their health, while making these materials. However, the contamination is not just in the manufacturing process of the materials, also in the operation of a building, depending on how the building uses resources such as water and electricity. Moreover, the design plays a key role in thinking about sustainability, we design projects that can improve energy expenditure because we work with passive solutions as we use natural ventilation and insulation materials.(Learn more about how Marmaroph contributes to diminishing the environmental footprint here )

Finally, we understand flexibility as to how is a space able to adapt to your needs and lifestyle. That is why we have implemented 3 major aspects: dynamic architecture, domotics (smart house), and Interior design in our projects. The first one means that different architectural elements in the project move, such as the facades to allow the sunlight to enter the building or not, the roofs, the windows, or even the floors. The second one domotics refers to "electrotechnics and electronics that make a home become "smart. Technology has been able to make our life much easier than before. Now, we can speak to our house and turn off the lights or close a blackout or even turn on the music and now with Marmaroph, you can make that dream come true! Lastly, the third one, is the interior design with our brand called Macerie. This brand designs flexible furniture, lighting, and accessories such as decorations or frames to give that special touch and make your spaces truly yours. (Learn More about Macerie Interior Design)

Well, that's all for now! But if you are interested and want to know more about some topics that we’ve mentioned above, you can read other articles that talk about them more deeply, so go ahead, we’ll love it if you learn more about architecture, interior design, sustainability and well off course Marmaroph! We encourage you to join our community and sign up to keep learning more! If you have any questions or would like to buy or quote a project, don't be afraid and contact us, we are looking forward to knowing you and help you!

We would love if you take some of your precious time and leave us responses to the questions!

  • What does good design means to you?

  • What does comfortable means to you?

  • What does security in architecture mean to you?

  • What are those remarkable memories you have from your home?

  • What do you think is flexible architecture?

We keep investigating and learning more about our customers' and users' lifestyles, in order to design spaces that truly adapt to people. That is why we would like to know more about you!

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For me comfortable is the feeling good, cozy, being able to do a lot of things.

I have a lot of good memories in my home, since I've been living here since I was a kid. All of the important holidays, we celebrate them at home with the family.