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We design a lodge to live unforgettable experiences in nature with the comfort of your own home.  The cabin is detachable and reliable so you can locate it anywhere it can be assembled in five days and does not need a crane for its assembly.

538 ft2

Dark Brown

538 ft2

Bourbon Honey 

538 ft2

Natural Passion


Ancla 1

Fill in the form below with your requirements and we will contact you as soon as possible with a quote and shipping details.

What you can choose:

-Single Glass and curved Windows 

-Wood Floor Finish Sandwich Panel and Wood Finish Sandwich Wall Panels

-Glass Part Ceiling and Wood finish Ceiling

-Wood Doors with Central Glass Finish 

- Indoor Panels Division: Metal Star Wall, Wood, and Ceramic type of finish for bathroom

-Electric and Plumbing Installation


Jacuzzi Includes :


-Fiberglass custom made jacuzzi


Furniture Includes : 

-Outdoor Deck Lounge Chairs

-Outdoor Deck Table and Chairs

-Bed (without mattress)

-Books Cabinet 

-Closet: includes doors and divisions

-Kitchen Under Cabinet 

-Kitchen Sink and Faucet 

-Kitchen Table: Ceramic Marble type of finish


Bathroom Includes :

- Table: Ceramic Marble Type of Finish 

- Underneath Table: Ceramic Finish

- Sink and Sink Faucet

- Shower Faucet

- Bathroom Accessories

Shipping Details:

  • The Lodge is Transported on a 40 ft container. 

  • We need to contact you, to estimate the cost of the shipping. 


5 Years on manufacturing imperfections and on the wood cracks not caused by humans. 10 Years on structural imperfections not caused by humans. 2 years on electrical and plumbing installation. 


Tell us which currency you want us to charge:

  • USD

  • COP

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