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Fern Plant


Create & Promote Healthy Lifestyles at Home
Through our Print Designs and Rituals

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Inspired by a Healthy Lifestyle 
Influenced By Nature



Marble in Greek

It means shining stone and is a material that has been used in architecture and sculpture throughout the history of humankind. This material represents us as a company and brand, for us, it means quality, a stylish lifestyle, durability, cleanliness, and brightness. 



Change of Form

The second one "Morph" means changing from one shape to another and for us something that is capable of changing through time and can adapt and we want to lead that change.


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For us is very important to make something different and worth looking at. We have in our DNA to always innovate.

Marmaroph Is a Sustainable Brand, that is commited with the reduction of the enviromenta footprint in all the construction phases.


We are aware of the environmental damage the construction sector has contributed and we want to diminish the environmental footprint.



We are always thinking of comfortable & and healthy spaces for our users. That is why we are concerned with light. temperature and quality spaces among others


Mariana Macias Arevalo

Mariana Macías Arévalo


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Passionate Architect and Founder of Marmaroph with a Minor in Entrepreneurship, Branding, and Management from Universidad de Los Andes. Has 3 years of experience in the architecture and construction field. Worked for 2 years at a Modular Construction company. Won an architectural design contest for a Prominent University in Colombia, while working on the design team of the company.  Currently leads the design team and manages Marmaroph. Firmly believes that through architecture we can improve the quality of life in cites and countryside for everyone, making the world a better place.

Guillermo Macias Riveros

Guillermo Macías

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CEO at Ejes y Piñones since 1985 and Co-Founder of Marmaroph. Civil Engineering. and Mechanical Engineer with 35 years of experience in the Industrial field. Currently working and leading the structural design, development, and Manufacturing Processes at Marmaroph. We are creating mechanisms for architectural elements that move. Also managing and Leading the design and manufacturing process of gears to create mechanisms or spare parts for the metal mechanic industry at  Ejes y Piñones.

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Visit our Blog and get to know more of us! 

Marmaroph wants to show our users and customers how we design and teach them so thats why we write our blog.

Help us make Marmaroph better and better! We are always looking for the best multidisciplinary Team

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