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  • What is the Event Registry List?
    An Event Registry is a Gift List created by a Honoree or a Honoree Friend or Family Member, that indicates the Event Guests which presents the Honoree would like to receive on that special day! Once The Honoree or the Honoree Friend or Family Member complete the list, the guests can buy the products the would like to give directly from the list and avoid duplicate 🎁 and Marmaroph Shipps the products directly to the Honoree Address .
  • For which events can I create a Gift List?
    You can Create a Gift List for any event you would like! However, we have some of the most common events are: Wedding, Anniversary, Home Shower, Birthday and Celebrations.
  • How do I create my Registry / Gift List?
    First you will have to Fill the Registration Form at or watch our video Instructions on our Video
  • Can I just give a Gift Card?
    Yes, You can buy a Gift Card directly on our Website. You can tap the Gift Icon on the top left corner.
  • What is Interior Design?
    According to the British Dictionary, Interior Design in the art or process of designing the interior decoration of a room or building. This Includes, the colors, textures, patterns, Furniture, Home Decor, Lightning among others, to create certain Moods.
  • What Design Services we offer?
    We Offer the Interior Design of a the space that you want. Depending on your needs we deliver different type of Packages you can Check out at
  • What is The Marmaroph Experience?
    It's an offer of Multiple free Services to make your design Experience and Lifestyle complete!
  • How do I join the Loyalty Program?
    You can sign up in the User icon or ❤️ Icon at the top right corner of our website. Once you become a member, you can start earning points to redeem them for discounts.
  • How long does the shipping takes?
    Depending on the products. Usually it takes 1-3 days to confirm details and 1-6 business day for the delivery. However, in each product page in the section shipping details is better described.
  • Where does the shipping comes from?
    The majority of our products are shipped from our warehouse in Canada and the USA. Some other products may be shipped from our warehouse in China or from parts of Europe.
  • How Long do I have to return a Product?
    You have 1 to 5 days to report the return of the product and to give the reasons why would you like to return the item. After me confirm the return, then the shipping back to the warehouse.
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