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5 Amazing Benefits you didn’t know about having plants 🌱 at your Home & Office

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

Learn the benefits of Having Indoor Plants at your Home Office and What plant species you should have!

"A beautiful plant is like having a friend in the house." – Beth Ditto

Benefit of Home Office Plants

What do you do when you feel stressed and anxious? you probably go to a forest, a beach, a mountain, or a landscape surrounded by Nature, right? But why do we do this? It's because humans are programmed to feel good surrounded by Nature. Nowadays, it is hard to be surrounded by it, in human-made environments, especially because we spend out around 90% of our time indoors. However, we start realizing more than ever that we need to have more nature in our rooms. There is a design approach that focuses in this aspect called Biophilic Design, this design approach brings natural elements into our rooms to make us feel good and to improve our well-being

Here we show you the multiple benefits of bringing real-life plants to your home office that will improve your overall health and your productivity while you're working so keep reading to learn more!

1. Improve Mood by reducing Stress Levels

Some studies have shown that humans have an intrinsic connection with nature. Our ancestors, respected nature, lived together, and have a symbiotic relationship. Now, we are getting that connection behind us as humans are living more and more in cities. So what do plants have that makes us feel happy and calm? Some theories acknowledge that it might be something that we have in our DNAs and we have this instinct of seeking connection with nature. Also, some studies have shown that being surrounded by plants, helps to reduce cortisol levels considerably, which results in reduce stress levels.

2. Improve Creativity & Productivity

A Marlon Nieuwenhuis, from Cardiff University's School of Psychology, research made in a green office, according to science daily, showed that productivity increased by 15% in a green environment surrounded by plants. As, workers perceived a better performance, self-reported levels of concentration, and improved well-being.

3. Make your Home Office a place where you want to work

How do you feel if you are in a workplace where everything is grey and plain with no plants or flowers and how would you feel if you work in a place that is surrounded by plants and flowers? We bet that you may want to work in an office surrounded by plants and other natural forms. When you work in a place where you want to be, your productivity will rise in ways you didn't expect. You can decorate your place with plants giving a touch of color, texture, and harmony. You can mix Bigger and Smaller ones. Use the big ones in the overall spaces in Planters like baskets or ceramic ones in a corner and the smaller ones on your desk, bookshelves, or shelves. Learn which indoor plants are perfect for your Office here!

4. Improve Indoor Air quality

Plants make photosynthesis. In this process, they transform co2 with sunlight into oxygen and glucose. We humans, need oxygen to function properly. We obtain oxygen from the air we breathe, then our cells transport the oxygen through our arteries into all of our bodies. However, as pollution levels in CO2 and other toxic gases rise, we don’t breathe just oxygen. By bringing plants to our spaces, we can breathe cleaner indoor air that will help us with our well-being diminishing the occurrences of headaches and other illnesses.

5. Improve Home Office Acoustics

Plants are really good at improving our home office acoustics because as sound is a wave, plants absorb those waves so that means they don't cause any echoes or reverberations that make for example when we are in meetings are boys sound distorted it if you want to learn more about this topic we invite you to read this article in which we talk about acoustics in our home office and how we can make it better

Well, that is all for now! We hope you learn something new and start cultivating plants at home! Now you see all the benefits they have! We invite you to check out the planters and pots we have, for you to start now!

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