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7 Incredible Work and Personal Benefits no one has told you about Journaling

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

Your Ultimate Guide to the Mental Health and Work benefits of Journaling Habits

"Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart" – William Wordsworth

Have you been feeling stress or anxiety lately? Do you feel you are not achieving your goals? or maybe you think that you're not remembering everything at work or in your personal life? Well, today we introduce you and talk about the benefits of journaling and how this habit can change that and help you clear your thoughts, achieve all of the things that you've been wanting to do, feel less stressed and improve your memory! Keep reading to learn how!

Start journaling to improve your mental health

We may have had a Journal when we were kids. We used to write our deepest secrets and thoughts. We used to write our feelings and ideas to the point they probably became our best friend! We grew up, and we probably left this routine behind. This habit is called journaling and we invite you to take back this routine. Multiple benefits writing in Journals can bring to us!


Mental Health Benefits

1. Boost Brain Memory 🧠

Writing down and not only in a journal, we mean general writing like essays, articles, newsletters, papers, books, and whatever type of writing, is a booster for our memory because humans tend to remember most of the things we write down. This happens, because when we write them down, we are organizing, clearing our thoughts, and having a structure, so our brain makes stronger neuronal connections, and we can recall them in the future. So, the conclusion is if you wanna remember something, write it down.

2. Reduce Stress and Anxiety 😟

Nowadays, we are living a more stressful and accelerated lifestyle. Sometimes we are so overwhelmed we need to take a pause and slow down. Journaling is a perfect way to slow down. Sometimes we may feel trapped in our feelings and we don’t even know why we are feeling that way. So, as you write your thoughts, fears, and frustrations, you free up those feelings, clear up your mind, and understand what that trigger is that is causing you to feel this way.

3. Allows to self-reflect and Clear your Feelings

We are firm believers that journaling is a good way to self-reflect and to get to know more of ourselves. When we know our emotions, we can learn how to control them and that in the end is to have emotional intelligence. You can start asking yourself questions like, why am I feeling this way? What particular thing happened in that specific situation that made me feel this way? Why am I upset? or any other question you may feel, will help you. When we start thinking about this and start reflecting, we can have answers that will make us feel better, and also will we will have better communication with the people that are surrounding us because we already know how we feel.

Here we introduce you to the work benefits of Journaling

Work and Personal Benefits

1. Achieve your goals

We all have goals. they may be big or small but we always have them. We can have personal, work, body, or eating habits goals, and whatever the goal might be of course we want to achieve them. We think that's what motivates us to live and to wake up every morning. But sometimes, our goals may be too ambitious or too overwhelming, and sometimes we don't achieve them but the first step to accomplishing them is writing them down and having a structured plan that helps you. We’ve investigated a method that's called smart goals and if you want to learn more about how to achieve your goals read this article!

2. Find Inspiration and creativity

Finding inspiration and creativity it's something that we definitely need in our jobs, no matter what profession we have. If we are a designer, managers, physicists, economists, engineers, or even artists, we always need inspiration for our projects and sometimes we might feel uninspired. Journaling can help you with that and that's basically because when you are writing your thoughts other thoughts can come into your mind it's like a chain of thoughts. Also, when you are doing some other things and your lightbulb turns on and suddenly, you have this perfect beautiful idea! But when you don't write the things that you imagine at the moment, you're gonna forget them. So, carry a journal always with you because you don't know when inspiration is going to arrive and you need to remember it!

3. Improve your Writing ✍️ and Communication skills

Writing is a skill that we believe all great professionals should master because communicating is essential for all human relations. But, Sometimes it's definitely not easy to communicate your ideas and express how you feel to others. Properly communicating your ideas so that everybody can understand is crucial in any job and also it helps to have smooth relations with your boss, working team, family, friends, partner and so on. When you start becoming journaling a habit, you can start mastering that skill because you're practicing every day or really often. Also, you have to clear your thoughts and make a structure before you write. This can definitely help you in your personal and work life.

4. Track progress and growth

By journaling, you can track your progress and growth because you can write your progress and keep track every week, month, or year to see how you have been improving. This can keep you motivated because you to keep going into the next stage. It also helps you with your personal growth through different types of journaling. Depending on what you want to accomplish you can choose a specific journal that you can make yourself. You can make:

  • Sketch Journal: Draw and write the ideas that come to your mind, so you won’t forget them! This will help with your creativity.

  • Fitness and Eating habits journal: Keep track of your eating habits and Exercise. Eating healthy by adding more vegetables 🥦 , Fruits 🍌 , protein, cutting sugars, and having physical activity will keep your brain healthy!

  • Personal Journal (Dreams, Goals, and thoughts ): Write goal all your goals and dream, so you can start accomplishing them!

  • Work Journal: Write down your work goals and your to-do lists

  • Financial Journal: Keep Track of your Personal Finances, and make a budget for each item and one to save and invest.

  • Gratitude Journal: Before you go to sleep write down the things you are grateful for. This will help you to be more positive

  • Travel Journal: Here you can write your travel plans. First, start with the place where you would like to travel. Mark your travel dates on the calendar, the itinerary of each place, the transportation (air and land) and make the budget.

We hope this information serves and helps you, so you can start changing some habits and become a healthier person and a better version of yourself! Remember we launched different Journal collections with motivational quotes and beautiful designs! You can shop them here so, go ahead and check them out and choose the one that's best for you! You can also customize them if you have this specific design that you want!

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