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The Ultimate Custom Gift Guide for this 2022 Holiday Season! Gift Ideas for your Loved ones!

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

Your Ultimate Guide to Custom Gifts for this Holiday Season: Everything You Need to Know

Don't you know what to give your loved ones this upcoming 2022 holiday season? Or have you been looking but nothing catches your eye? We know how stressful can be to choose what to give and then have the time to go and buy in the crowded stores! So, today we did a list of 5 custom gifts you can give to your ❤️ ones, you choose then customize and we deliver!

Gift Guide for this Holiday Season

Holiday Season 🎄 is that time of the year when we share and spend time with our loved ones! We want our family and friends to feel that they are important to us and show them how much we appreciate them. As humans, we have many forms of showing our love and appreciation. One of them is giving gifts 🎁, something we know they will love and that is useful for them. What is more special than giving a customized gift with their names on it?

Here we have the Guide for you to inspire and give a custom gift you that special person that sure will love it!


Gift #1: Journal

Alright, so the first gift on our list is a Journal. And why a journal we believe this is a perfect gift? Journaling is the habit of writing everything that comes to our mind, it can be our personal feelings and thoughts, our plans and goals, or whatever we want to. This habit has a lot of benefits for our personal and work life.

For our personal life:

1. It improves our mental health and makes us feel better, as we write down our feelings and thoughts, we relieve stress and anxiety, and also as we continuously write them down, we can start to identify those triggers that make us feel that way so we know we have to avoid them. This habit is like meditating and getting to know more of yourself.

2. Also, you can have a gratitude journal, where you can write what things are grateful for before you go to sleep or when you wake up. This improves your mood and helps you appreciate the good things in life and have a positive view of your life.

On the other hand, is very good for your personal and work. As you keep track of your smaller goals to accomplish the bigger ones, you can start seeing your progress and that will keep you motivated to keep going and finally accomplish your goals. There are a lot of journals for this like Fitness. Food, Habits, Personal Finances, Goals, or whatever comes to your mind. If you want to learn more benefits of journaling click here

Custom Throw Blankets and Pillows as a gift for this 2022 holiday Season

Gift #2 & #3 : Throw Pillow & Throw Blankets

Our second gift and third gifts are custom throw blankets and throw pillows. We put them in the same category as they are similar. We believe this is a perfect gift to stay cozy this winter and holiday season but also a good way to decorate our living room, bedroom, home office, or studio. However, pillows are not just to decorate as they have health benefits because they support your back to have a perfect position while you are sitting down, so they keep your spine healthy! You can mix and match the blankets and pillows to create different atmospheres in the spaces mixing colors, textures, and designs. You can also change the decoration every season or every once in a while so that it is good for the energy to flow and don’t get trapped.

Custom Gift # 4 : Towel

You can give them either a bath o a beach towel. You can customize the name you want to be on the towels. This is a perfect gift as we believe everyone should have a luxurious experience while drying when you finish the bath in the bathtub or take a shower with a pretty soft towel. Also, nobody is going to take the towel by mistake because the name is already written on it.

Custom Gift #5: Framed Poster

We believe this is a unique gift because they’re a lot of designs that you can imagine that can be customized for you. Wall art gives a touch of uniqueness and style to the spaces you want to decorate. You can feel a different vibe and energy once you put them on the walls. You can have Nature inspired like Trees, leaves patterns, or Pictures of sunsets, forests, jungles, and beaches. Having this nature wall art is an element of biophilic design which means bringing nature to architecture as it has multiple benefits for physical and mental health. Also, we can have motivational quotes to keep that person inspired every time they see it, they will stay motivated.

Well, that's all for now! But if you are interested and want to know more about some topics that we have mentioned above, you can read other articles that talk about them more deeply. So go ahead, we will love it if you learn more about architecture and of course, Marmaroph! If you are looking to renovate your spaces and want a beautiful design, you can hire our Interior Design Services or Book a Free Consultancy with us! If you have any questions, do not be afraid and contact us, we are looking forward to know you and helping you!

We would love if you take some of your precious time and leave us responses to the questions !

We keep investigating and learning more about our customers and users lifestyle, in order to design spaces that truly adapt to people. That is why we would like to know more about you!

  1. What other gifts would you like?

  2. What is the most common gift that you give?

  3. Are Gifts important to you?

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