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11 Home Office Products Every Home Office Worker and Entrepreneur must have to be healthy & Product

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

Here we show you which office products you must have to improve your health and productivity while being comfortable and cozy while you are working!

"Don't be embarrassed by your failures, learn from them and start again." – Richard Branson

Home office products to improve health and productivity

We are obsessed with how to make healthier styles and how to design healthy spaces that contribute to that. Nowadays, we work from home or our office and we think this workspace should be designed to be a healthy place that contributes to improving our health and our productivity! We have been investigating what type of healthy habits we should do and what type of products we should have to make our habits healthy

In this article, we talk about the products we consider you must have in your home office to make your working day the best day, while you improve your productivity and health! So, keep reading!

#1 - Standing Desk or Workstation

Ever Since Humans invented the office as a place designed specifically for work, we have been working there. We work sitting down. Now that we work in our homes or the office too, we are still working sitting down. However, we think this is affecting humans, mainly because we are not made to be sitting down for long periods of time. We are designed for movement, as we can see in our body structure. We have 360 joints (articulations) and about 700 hundred skeletal muscles that enable easy fluid motion! Our Blood depends on us moving around to be able to circulate properly, our nerves benefit from movement and our skin is elastic so it molds to our motions. That's why we consider it important to have in your home office a standing desk that allows you to adjust the height of the desk if you want to work standing up or sitting down. In case you don't have a standing desk and you are not planning to buy one, we have two different options that will solve the problem. The first one, buy a workstation which is a table that allows you to put it on top of the desk that you have and also you can adjust the height to be comfortable. The second one is an auxiliary desk that the height can also be adjusted. This desk is more to work standing up or in a lounge chair to change the way you work.

It's important that you alternate 25 min standing up and 25 min sitting down and 5 min of movement in breaks of 5 min. We think the Pomodoro technique is a method that can make your work more productive. If you want to learn more click here

Here we have the Standing Desk, Workstation Desk, and Auxiliar desk

#2 - Ergonomic Office Chair

According to the Oxford dictionary the term Ergonomic means "relating to or designed for efficiency and comfort in the working environment", so having an ergonomic chair is crucial for your productivity and Body health while you are working. A chair is ergonomic when it's designed to provide support and alignment to your spine in any posture, so it prevents back problems and injuries in your spine. A good posture should have your back straight (frontal view) and with 3 curves: one in your neck, one in your shoulders, and one at the lower back (lateral view). There are a lot of benefits of having a good posture like breathing correctly and good healthy bones and muscles. An ergonomic chair has special characteristics you need to take into account to choose the right one:

  • Adjustable Seat Height

  • Adjustable Armrest (support for elbow and wrists)

  • Support in the Lower Back (Lumbar Support)

  • Seat Depth

  • Reclinable

#3 - Desk Pad - Desk Mat

Many people say the organization is key to success in business, productivity and we think in life too. Your office is no exception, when you have your mind organized, your physical place should be as well. If your office is not well organized, energy won't flow and you won't have clear thoughts. The First thing you need to do is declutter everything that might distract you from your everyday tasks. Desk Pads are a good way to help with organization. Not only do they serve as protection for your desk from scratches and accidental spills, but it also helps you to organize your desk. As it functions as the main or central thing, you can organize everything else around it. Leave the main working things inside your desk mat like Computer, Mouse, and journal and you can place your documents and storage items on one side and business cards, Notes, pencil holder, coffee holder, and other accessories on the other side. Desk pads also, give a special decoration touch and style to your home, and why not? maybe a personal motivational quote to keep going on your work.

#4 - Journal

You may have had a Journal you kept under your mattress when you were a kid, where you kept your most important thoughts and deepest secrets that allowed you to express yourself and you may have felt it was your best friend. However, when we grow up, we might had leave this routine behind. But, studies have shown that writing your thoughts, ideas, goals, or even feelings is a good way to clear ideas and be inspired. Having a Journal has multiple benefits for your mental health, productivity, and mood. We invite you to learn more about the benefits, in this article where we talk about them more deeply!

#5 - Small Planter and Big Planter

Become Green, now #Greenisthenewblack, and for a reason. Nowadays, we are being more conscious of nature and its benefits on human health. We must have plants in our spaces. Adding it to our Home Office brings a lot of benefits for our physical and mental health. Physical because we breathe cleaner indoor air that helps our lungs, oxygen on our blood, and reduces headaches. Mental because it helps lowering stress and anxiety levels, it improves focus and productivity and it also improves your mood. You can have them on your desk Putting smaller ones, like flowers, succulents, and cactus, and Bigger ones like Monstera. to learn more about this, click here

#6 - Acoustic Panels

Acoustics is something we rarely think we need in our Home Office. However, sound is really important when you are working alone and when you have virtual meetings. When you are working alone, you need to have the least sound distractions to be able to concentrate properly. On the other hand, when you are in a virtual meeting, the sound of your voice must be clear and with no echoes or reverberation so that the other assistants can hear you clearly and avoid repeating something over and over again, that at last is waste of time and productivity. That's why we use materials that absorb the sound like cotton and avoid materials that reflect the sound in working spaces. Those materials can be used in rugs, walls, ceilings, chairs, cushions, etc. With these acoustic panels, you improve your Home Office acoustics and decorate your spaces with a touch of color! If you want to learn more about acoustics click here

#7 - Coffee or Tea Cup Heater

Drinking a cup of tea or coffee in the morning after having a healthy breakfast, it's a good way to start your day with a boost of energy and brain function, perfect for your upcoming work tasks! Also, as tea has the property of relieving stress, whenever you feel this way during the day, drink another cup of tea during your breaks and breathe to feel more relaxed. With this cup heater, you will never drink your morning coffee or tea cold! Keep your favorite beverage warm while you are working!

#8 - Decorative Wall Decor

Canvas, Posters, wallpapers, stickers, and any other wall decor element are amazing ways to decorate the walls of your Home Office. These products can have a function beyond just decorating. In architecture and Interior Design, there is a design approach called Biophilic Design, that allows the creation of spaces that are more connected and inspired by the natural world. When Humans are connected with nature through plants, animals, and natural elements like water, fire, air, sunlight, and earth, we tend to have better mental and physical health because we are biologically programmed to be calmed and relaxed when we are surrounded by nature. We invite you to decorate your home office with these beautiful options to be close to nature evoking natural forms or views like sunsets, mountains, natural landscapes, plants, and many more!

#9 - Cleaning Robot

We think that the office is a reflection of a business and your mind. When you have a disorganized space, that means you are as well. Clutter is the number one enemy in your workspace! Having everything clean in your room and desk is needed to improve your productivity, have a better work environment, have the motivation to work and focus and set priorities effectively. With this Mini dust vacuum cleaner, you can clean your workspace, even in the most difficult part to reach and it's super fun to use!

#10 - Organizers

Following the previous text about the organization in our workspace to have everything clean and organized. When you have your office supplies, documents, paperwork, magazines, and any other you always know where everything is located, so it improves efficiency, because you are not wasting time looking where they are. With this basket, you can store documents, magazines, or maybe blankets to keep everything in place. With the desk organizer, you can have your notes, pencil, tape, and whatever you think is important to have on your desk right away!

#11 - Computer Screen Stand

Having a correct posture is crucial for your back muscles and bone health. The computer screen stands to help your neck and posture to stay in the correct position. Your eyes should be slightly looking down at an angle of no more than 5%.

We hope you learned something new from this article! Here we have some products we consider to make your workplace a place where health and productivity go hand in hand. Tell us, which products do you use daily and you can't leave without!

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We keep investigating and learning more about our customers' and users' lifestyles, in order to design spaces that genuinely adapt to people. That is why we would like to know more about you!

1. What is your home office favorite product?

2. What other product do you consider crucial for your workplace?

3. What do you think makes a space welcoming?

4. How do you plan your workday?

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