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What is Modular Architecture ? Benefits of Using it.

Updated: Apr 18, 2021

Modular Architecture can be defined as a design approach, that uses modules “as the single unit or components to design architectural and construction projects as a whole. So that means, we can arrange multiple configurations to design different projects depending on the area, location, and user’s needs. Marmaroph loves the benefits of using Modular Architecture and that's why we designed different types of modules to make infinite arrangements. In this article we will be explaining the benefits of modularity in architecture, so keep reading!

You may be thinking that this is a new concept that has been emerging in the last couple of years, however, Modular Architecture has been through the history of architecture in humankind. We will show you an example of this, so let’s go back in time to the year 1929, to a master architectural Piece. La Ville Savoye. Designed by genius modern architect Le Corbusier, you can see in the following picture, that the structure follows a grid with the same dimensions between axes. This works with almost every structure because it makes it stable and has the same light between columns. The modules work the same way, so we can put a “module” and repeat it through the project and the result is the house as a whole entity. That’s what modular architecture is. The factor that is indeed "new" is the concept of prefabricated architecture, which means that the architectural elements are manufactured and ensemble in a factory with controlled conditions and then transported and ensemble in the location.

So, why should choose Modularity in architecture? Well, there are a lot of BENEFITS using this design approach and here we are going to show you and explain to you:

(Watch Video Here)


The first one is Flexibility or Progressive. As the Module is a unit, it adapts to your budget, so you can start a project with even one or two types of modules, then change it over time adding or taking more modules, so you can have a smaller or bigger project.

Our panels also allow flexibility, whenever you don’t want to have partitions in your spaces because you want a bigger space they can be easily taken or the other way around, if you want to partition a bigger space, they can be added easily, so you don’t have to demolish or reconstruct everything over. That is a benefit for projects that change the use over time. For example, a project that was designed with a traditional construction process for a home and after many years after, the owner wants to turn it into offices. Once the remodeling started, you have to knock down walls and rebuild new ones and even if there are not new walls, there is waste that goes to landfills generating an environmental problem for all of us. With our panels that don't happen as our panels are designed to last and you can relocate and reuse panels in the same project or other projects and once, they are not used, they are biodegradable.


The second one is less Time means Fewer Costs. In a traditional construction process, the foundation is the first thing we need to start, and we can’t start with the structure if the foundation isn’t finished, and we can’t start with the facade and finishes if the structure isn't finished and so on. In modular architecture, on the other hand, you can do both at the same time, since the project is constructed in a factory with controlled conditions you can do many things in parallel and the construction doesn’t depend on the changes in the weather and because of that, there are NO OVER COSTS. Also, as the elements are manufactured in a factory, we have an industrialized process that allows faster customization.


In the third one, you can relocate your projects wherever you want. Even if the outside it’s warm or cold because we designed sustainable thermoacoustic insulation panels. That means that our panels keep the indoor temperature constant, doesn’t matter if the outdoor temperature changes drastically. Also, with our panels, you don’t need excessive energy in the air conditioning and heaters.

In additional To these Benefits, Marmaroph has even more:



Our Projects are completely customized as we have different types of modules, not just one, you can make multiple configurations and make a project that truly adapts your taste, lifestyle, and needs. Also, you can customize the materials of our thermoacoustic Insulation panels. We have some that are sustainable like wood, recycled wood, cardboard, and cotton, and others like marble, aluminum, and copper. We don’t need a crane to assemble and disassemble our projects, so we can go anywhere, even if the access is difficult.

And Finally, because of MARMAROPH’S CORE VALUES:


There are multiple uses of our modules, so any use that you imagine, our modules fit. However, these are the main uses we give them. For Housing, Eco-Lodges for hotels and Stores, commercial and institutional use. So go ahead and contact us to get a quote or learn more!

Let’s Work Together, If you are looking for a new project, we are the right choice! So contact us if you want to get a quote or work with us. We are looking forward to meeting you and help you! If you want to learn about more topics, go ahead and check out our other articles!

We would love it if you take some of your precious time and leave us responses to the questions!

We keep investigating and learning more about our customers' and users' lifestyles, in order to design spaces that truly adapt to people. That is why we would like to know more about you!

  1. What additional features would you like our modules to have?

  2. What do you imagine building with our modules?

  3. What are the most essential things in a project?

  4. Where would you like to locate your projects with our modules?

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